Veemo provides its members with shared access to a fleet of enclosed, electric-assist velomobiles for short, one-way trips through a city or campus.

Enjoy emission-free, electric-assist, comfortable travel without a driver’s licence while riding on bike lanes or roads, avoiding traffic, and being protected from bad weather!


Download the Veemo app to register and start riding as a BETA tester!

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Getting to where you need to go is not always easy - Veemo wants to make personal transportation flexible, affordable, and environmentally-friendly. While carsharing and ridesharing has become very popular, we share a vision where urban travel is 100% emission-free and traffic-free. Veemo wants to lead this effort, and we want to make Veemo accessible to everyone.

  • Convenience: Veemo velomobiles have storage space where you can easily fit groceries, backpacks, or a briefcase. And since it’s fully-enclosed, bad weather is never a problem!
  • No Driver's Licence: That’s right. Since we’re classified as an electric-bicycle, you don’t need a driver’s licence to ride.
  • Beat Traffic: You’re allowed to ride in bike lanes and bikeways, in addition to regular roads. Zipping by gridlock traffic via bike lane is so gratifying!
  • Cost: By-the-minute rates mean you only pay for when you’re riding. At lower rates than other carshares or rideshares, and faster than many transit options, Veemo can help you get to your destination on a budget.
  • Environmentally-friendly: A trifecta of human, battery, and solar power make Veemo a lean, clean, and green, cycling machine.


Get the best features from a bicycle and a car.

Electric-Assist Pedaling

A trifecta of human, battery, and solar power make Veemo a lean, clean, and green, cycling machine. Effortless pedaling makes it a breeze going up the steepest of hills, no matter what you’re carrying with you.

Fully Covered

The enclosed nature of Veemo makes sure that you won't get wet when it's raining. Speaking of covered, we also provide a million dollars in rider's 3rd party liability insurance coverage.

No Driver's Licence Needed

That's right. You just need to be 19 and have a credit card.


By-the-minute rates mean you only pay for when you're on a trip!

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Veemo has launched a BETA fleet of five Veemo velomobiles at the University of British Columbia campus. This fleet will validate the Veemo service before expanding to cities like Vancouver and others around the world. The fleet is accessible to students, staff, and anyone on campus over 19 years old.