0 to 32 in just a few pedals.

Veemo is surprisingly nimble but, more importantly, it's affordable.

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What is Veemo?

Veemo provides its members with shared access to a fleet of enclosed, electric-assist velomobiles for short, one-way trips through a city or campus.

Enjoy emission-free, electric-assist, comfortable travel without a driver’s license while riding on bike lanes or roads, avoiding traffic, and being protected from bad weather!


Veemo at UBC

Veemo is currently operating a pilot project with the University of British Columbia with 5 velomobiles. Right now, they’re being used by a small group of test users, but public access will be starting soon! Subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first to be invited, or follow us on social media for when it becomes public!

More about the UBC pilot

The Best of Both Worlds

Get the best features from a bicycle and a car.

Electric-Assist Pedaling

A trifecta of human, battery, and solar power make Veemo a lean, clean, and green, cycling machine. Effortless pedaling makes it a breeze going up the steepest of hills, no matter what you’re carrying with you.

Fully Covered

The enclosed nature of Veemo makes sure that you won't get wet when it's raining. Speaking of covered, we also provide a million dollars in rider's 3rd party liability insurance coverage.

No Driver's Licence Needed

That's right. You just need to be 19 and have a credit card.


By-the-minute rates mean you only pay for when you're on a trip!

How To Ride Veemo

It's exceptionally easy to become a Veemo member.

  • veemo register

    Register (Coming Soon!)

    Once our fleet is open to the public at UBC, you'll be able to register for Veemo! In the meantime, sign up to our mailing list and you may be lucky enough to get a referral invite or personal invite from us.

  • veemo app

    Find a Veemo

    Use our app to find, reserve and unlock available Veemo velomobiles. A live map makes it quick and easy to locate the closest one to you.

  • veemo ride


    Once you're inside, it’s just like riding a bike - just pedal your way to your destination. When you're done your ride, simply park the Veemo velomobile at our designated parking spots.

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    Stay Tuned

    Make sure you visit our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages to keep up to speed on developing Veemo news.

Where Can I Ride?

Our initial pilot fleet of five vehicles is currently operating on campus at the University of British Columbia. We plan to expand our fleet to more cities and campuses in the future. Tell us on social media if you want us to come to your city or campus! We’re listening!

For the duration of the UBC pilot, trips must be started and ended at designated Veemo parking spots and you can ride anywhere within the home zone while you’re out and about.

It's simple enough:

  • Grab a Veemo velomobile from a designated parking spot.
  • Ride within the UBC campus home zone.
  • When you're done your trip, park at one of our Veemo parking spots.

When Can I Start?

Sign up to our mailing list and you'll be the first to know when you can access our Veemo fleet out at UBC.