About Veemo

What is Veemo?

Veemo is a three-wheeled, electric-assisted vehicle. It’s also the perfect way of getting around the city without needing a driver's licence, fighting traffic, being inactive, or being exposed to the weather. Veemos are electric-assist bicycles, but with all the comforts of a car. Oh, and it’s 100% eco-friendly.

Pick up a Veemo and go!

Only pay when you’re using the Veemo. It operates like other carsharing system, except it’s cheaper and you don’t need a driver’s license. Whether you work, live, or play in the city and want flexible personal transportation without the usual torment of urban travel, Veemo has you covered!

Easy, fast, economical, and active - Veemo makes you feel good about getting to your destination.

Why Veemo?

Getting to where you need to go is not always easy - Veemo wants to make personal transportation flexible, reasonable, and environmentally-friendly. While carsharing has become popular over the past few years, we see a vision where urban travel is 100% emission-free and traffic-free. Veemo wants to be on forefront of this vision, and we want to make Veemo accessible to everyone.

There are a lot of reasons to use Veemo:

  • Cost: By-the-minute rates mean you only pay for when you’re riding. At lower rates than local carshares, Veemo can help you get to your destination, on any budget.
  • No Driver's Licence: That’s right. Since we’re classified as an electric-bicycle, you don’t need a driver’s licence to ride. It makes Veemo accessible to a number of people who don’t have a driver’s licence, while still offering personal transportation.
  • Less Traffic: You’re allowed to ride in bike lanes and bikeways, in addition to regular street driving. If there’s traffic ahead, zip into the bike lane!
  • Environmentally-friendly: A trifecta of human, battery, and solar power make Veemo the cleanest, meanest, and greenest vehicle on the road. Veemos are 100% emission-free!
  • Convenience: You need to buy groceries, but it’s raining. Taking your groceries back on the bus isn’t great - no problem, take a Veemo! All Veemos have storage space where you can easily fit groceries, backpacks, or a briefcase. And since it’s a fully-enclosed vehicle, bad weather is never a problem!