Get clarification on most things Veemo.

What is Veemo?

Veemo is a three-wheeled, electric-assisted vehicle. It’s also the perfect way of getting around the city without needing a driver's licence, fighting traffic, being inactive, or being exposed to the weather. Oh, and it’s 100% eco-friendly.

Is it a bicycle or a car?

Technically, Veemos are electric-assist bicycles, but with all the comforts of a car.

Is it motorized?

The Veemo is electric-assist, so it helps you when riding up those difficult inclines.

Do I need to pedal?

Yes, although you can adjust the intensity of your ride, from easy riding to a hardcore workout.

Do I need a driver's licence?


How does vehicle-sharing work?

Pick up a vehicle and go! Only pay when you’re using the vehicle.

How old do you need to be to be a Veemo member?


How do I register?

Once our fleet is launched, you will be able to register via the app or on this website.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Membership is free. You pay a per-minute rate when you ride.

Where can I ride?

It’s the best of both worlds. With Veemo, you can ride on bike lanes and roadways just like any other bicycle.

What rules of the road apply?

Check Vancouver’s city bicycle rules. We’re classified as an “electric-assisted bike”.

Are there any places I can't ride it?

In Vancouver, all electric bicycles, including Veemos, cannot ride on the Seawall. Roadways that are restricted to 60 km/h or higher are off limits as well.

Where do I park?

You can park in a regular parking spot or anywhere that bicycles are allowed to park. Just make sure you check for parking meters!

What is the "home zone"?

The home zone is the service area where you can start and end your trip. The home zone boundaries will be announced at launch.

Can I ride outside of the home zone service area?

Yes, but you won’t be able to end your trip until you are back in the home zone.

Is there insurance?

Veemo provides all registered riders with $1 million insurance to protect you in case of an accident.

How long can I ride for?

As long as you want!

How do I pay?

With a credit card. We accept both VISA and MasterCard.

How am I billed for Veemo trips and how does pricing work?

You are charged by either the minute or hour.

How do I know if I'm being charged by the minute, or hour?

Don’t worry, we will charge you the way that results in the lowest amount.

Can I use a debit card?

No, sorry.

Is there a security deposit?


Are there any other fees or charges?

Nope, it’s free to join Veemo.

How do I unlock the Veemo?

With our Veemo app.

Do I need a smartphone?

Yes. You will soon be able to download our Veemo app on the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

Is there storage space?

There is storage behind the driver’s seat which is designed to accommodate a carry-on-luggage-sized suitcase. You can easily fit backpacks, groceries, and small packages back there.

How do I ride the Veemo?

Pedal, steer, brake, and signal. Nothing too crazy here. Check out this bicycle riding guide if you are still unsure.

What if I don't know how to drive?

That’s okay! Veemos are very easy to ride. An intro video will automatically play for your first trip to show you the basics, but it is easy - just like riding a bike. You don’t need to worry about balancing, or changing gears - it’s completely automatic. You do need to know and follow the rules of the road, just like when you ride a bike.

Do I use the bike lanes?

If there are bike lanes on the road, we suggest using them. Otherwise, try to ride closer to the right side of the road.

Can I ride on the sidewalks?

No. It is illegal for all bicycles to ride on the sidewalk.

Can I ride outside of the service area?

Yes, as long as you end your trip inside the home zone.

Can I roll down the windows?

Yep! The Veemo has power windows that open all the way. Just don't forget to close them before you end your trip.

Is it hard to pedal up a hill?

Don’t worry, the electric-assist will make it easy to pedal up hills. Almost too easy.

How do I end my trip?

Press the “End Trip” button on the dashboard to end your ride.

Do I need to return the Veemo anywhere?

When you finish your ride, just leave the Veemo within the home zone. That’s it.

How do I lock the Veemo?

After pressing the end trip button and following the instructions on screen, just exit and close the door behind you. The vehicle will lock 15 seconds after the door closes (giving you just a bit of time to get back in if you forgot anything).

How fast do the Veemos go?

Up to 32km/hr (20mph).

Are there headlights?

Yes. Perfect for staying visible at night. There are also brake lights, reverse lights, daytime running lights, and turn signals.

Can I smoke in the Veemo?

No. Smoking is strictly prohibited within a Veemo.