Get clarification on most things Veemo.


Veemo is the first one-way sharing network of three-wheeled, electric-assisted velomobiles in the world. It’s the perfect way of getting around the campus or city without needing a driver’s licence, fighting traffic, being inactive, or being exposed to bad weather ดูที่นี่.

Technically, Veemo velomobiles are regulated as electric-assisted bicycles, but we’ve built ours with many of the comforts you’d find in a car.

Yes. The Veemo velomobile has an electric-assisted drivetrain which helps you get up to speed quickly, tackle steep hills, or ride farther.

Yes. Pedaling is how you control the speed – Forward or reverse. Pedal the direction you want to go. You can adjust power assist by swiping the touch screen from the left to access your personal settings. We’ll save your preferences and use them in any Veemo you ride!

Veemo provides all registered riders with 3rd party liability insurance to protect you in case of an accident.

You can ride in bike lanes and roads with posted speed limits of 50km/hr or less – just like any other bicycle. It’s the best of both worlds.

Follow all the same rules as a bicycle. This means following all traffic signs, yielding to pedestrians, and signaling for turns.

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Signing Up

Nope! But you do need to be familiar with the rules of the road, as you would on a bike. Here’s some tips for BC.

19 (and have a valid credit card).

Membership is free. You pay for each trip on a per minute or per hour rate when you ride a Veemo. We also offer free promotional bonus minutes from time to time.

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With a credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

All credit card information entered into the Veemo app is sent directly to Stripe, our third party payment processor that is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). That means we never have any of your credit card information on file – ever.

powered by stripe

Not yet, but we hope to offer more options soon.

You can be charged fees for a specific cleaning requirement, smoking in a Veemo, damage repair, parking tickets and towing charges, and if you cause our vehicle to be out of service.
You’ll be notified by email regarding any fees or charges related to your use of the vehicle.

Sorry, you must be at least 19 to register with Veemo.

Nope, your credit card is all we need.

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Starting Your Ride

Use the Veemo app on your phone to find available Veemo velomobile located on campus.

The app will let you know exactly how long your reservation period is. This typically is 30 minutes but could change in the future so make sure you check.

Pull up on the lever that’s directly behind your left calf, move the seat to a comfortable position, then release the lever.

Sorry, only one person can ride at a time. Sign your friend up, and have them rent a second one!

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  • Pedal, steer, brake, signal. Nothing too crazy here.
  • Other features of Veemo velomobiles:
    • Automatic cadence control. (That means how fast you pedal) Veemo’s electric assist will do all the shifting for you.
    • The steering radius is pretty sharp, so make your turns gently until you get a feel for the vehicle, and be careful on sloped surfaces.
    • Your main speed control is by pedaling. Forward to accelerate, back to brake, or from standstill go in reverse.
    • Turn signals are controlled by the red buttons located by your thumbs when holding the handlebars. Press the button on the side you want to turn once to turn the indicator on, press it again to turn it off. Press both together to activate hazard lights.
    • Headlights, brake lights, and driving lights are all automatic. You don’t have to worry about them.

That’s okay! Veemo velomobiles are very easy to ride. You don’t need to worry about balancing or changing gears – it’s completely automatic. You do need to know and follow the rules of the road, just like when you ride a bike.

If there are bike lanes available, please use them.

Nope. Just like with a bike.

To park the vehicle, just come to a complete stop then press the “Park” button at the bottom right of the navigation screen. This will activate the automatic parking brake. From the Parking screen, you can resume riding (which disengages the brake) or end your trip.

Yep! The Veemo has power windows that go down all the way. Just don’t forget to close them before you end your trip.

There is storage behind the driver’s seat which is designed to accommodate a carry-on luggage sized suitcase. Typically you can fit backpacks, groceries, and small packages back there.

Don’t worry, the electric-assist will make it easy to pedal up hills! Almost too easy.

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Finishing Your Ride

To end your trip, just come to a complete stop then press the “Park” button at the bottom right of the navigation screen. From the Parking screen, you can end your trip or begin a stopover.

After pressing the “End Trip” button and following the instructions on screen, you open the door to get out and close it behind you. The vehicle will lock 15 seconds after the door closes (giving you just a bit of time to get back in if you forgot anything). Make sure you completely secured the vehicle by verifying that the countdown timer has started going.

Make sure you give enough space for someone else to park next to you. A single parking spot can fit 2 Veemo velomobiles.

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Up to 32 km/hr. (20MPH).

Yes. Perfect for staying visible at night. There are also brake lights, daytime running lights, and turn signals. All lights except turn signals are automatic.

Turn signals are controlled by the red thumb buttons located by your thumbs when holding the handlebars. Press the button on the side you want to turn once to turn the indicator on, press it again to turn it off. Press both together to activate hazard lights.

No. Smoking is strictly prohibited within a Veemo velomobile. There is a smoking cleaning fee for members who do so.

As per our terms and conditions, you can bring your pet if they are in an appropriate carrier. You will be responsible for any cleaning fees that may arise from bringing your pet.

We’ve designed our vehicle with three wheels to keep it balanced at all times. However, like all three-wheeled vehicles, going up steep curbs and slopes or taking turns at high speed can tilt the vehicle significantly, which could result in a tip over. Riders are responsible for making sure they are going at a speed that’s safe for the vehicle. Here are some safe-riding pointers:

  • Take sharp corners at less than 5 km/h
  • Ride up embankments head on (perpendicular to the slope)
  • Take extra caution when vehicle is going uphill or parallel to a slope

The vehicle range is indicated on the navigation screen while you are riding. As well, you will get warnings when the battery gets really low. You are responsible for making sure you complete your trip and return the vehicle to a designated parking spot before the battery runs out.
A fee will be charged if a vehicle is parked outside the designated parking zones.

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