Getting Comfortable



Making sure your seat is in a position that allows you to pedal comfortably is the first thing you should do any time you get into a Veemo velomobile.

A great way to check if the seat is correctly positioned is to place your feet on the pedals and start pedalling backwards (before you do this, hold down the brake levers with your hands or make sure the electronic parking brake is engaged).

To move the seat, reach for the lever that’s in the wall just behind your left calf and pull it up. You can then slide the seat forwards or backwards until you’re in the most comfortable position.



Getting your mirrors adjusted before you start riding will make sure you can see everything that’s happening around you and ensure you have a safe trip.

To adjust the mirrors, you need to lower the window of the mirror you want to adjust (see below) then firmly grasp the body of the mirror. You can pull it towards or away from you and rotate the mirror around the mounting arm to move it into the correct position. When you look into the mirror, you should be able to see directly behind you with just a small portion of the side of the vehicle in the frame.


Our two-point seat belt will keep your firmly in your seat, should anything happen while you’re riding a Veemo velomobile. Just pull the belt from the right side and buckle it into the slot on the left side.

To release it, press the button on the left buckle and pull the right buckle out. Make sure you’ve adjusted your seat before putting your seatbelt on.



Veemo velomobiles are equipped with power windows, making it easy to get the wind blowing in your face on a warm summer day. Both windows are controlled by a set of switches on the right side panel. Pull up on the switch to raise the window and push down to lower them.


If there is any fog on the windshield while riding, you’ll want to make sure you start clearing it out before it affects your visibility. The best way to do this is through a combination of:

  • Starting the Cabin Fan (click here for how to do that)
  • Lowering the windows slightly (to improve airflow)

If visibility is poor, make sure the cabin lights are off. Never ride a Veemo velomobile if your ability to see out of the vehicle is significantly diminished, as this greatly increases the likelihood of an accident.

manual parking brake


In the case of an emergency, you may want to use the manual parking brake. This can be done by first applying the brakes fully with your left hand, then reach across with your right hand to snap the parking pawl to the left.When you release your left hand from the lever, the lever should stay in the applied position. To release the manual parking brake, apply the brake fully with your left hand, then release the parking pawl by moving it to the right.

Keep in mind the vehicle also has an electronic parking brake which can be activated from the Navigation screen.