UBC Pilot



Our Veemo velomobiles left UBC on Friday April 13, 2018. 

From beta testing to publicly launching, we’ve certainly come a long way thanks to all the support from UBC and our awesome members. Overall, the Veemo UBC Pilot has been a great success and we’ve learned a lot from it. It’s now time to focus on building a bigger and better Veemo service.

We’d like to thank everyone involved with helping make our Veemo Pilot such a success. UBC really has been a living laboratory, giving us the freedom to explore the concept of using a shared fleet of electric-assist velomobiles for urban transportation. We have received constructive and invaluable member feedback over the past year, and we look forward to implementing what we’ve learned in our next Veemo launch. A very special thank you goes out to the UBC Parking & Access Services staff, Faculty of Applied Science, Campus and Community Planning, our early beta testers, and our current members. Our success is because of all of your support!


What happens next?

Veemo’s elite team of engineers will now be working on our first commercial fleet production toward a launch in Vancouver. As a Veemo member, your account (and any free minutes you might still have) will be waiting for you when the Vancouver fleet is ready for prime time. When we have a launch date, you’ll be among the first to know!





Veemo velomobiles can be picked up or dropped off at one of 12 parking zones around campus, marked by Veemo parking signs. The location of the parking spots can be found on your Veemo mobile app or while you are riding using the navigation screen.



The home zone is the service area where you can ride Veemo and encompasses the University Endowment Lands, between Chancellor Blvd and 16th Ave, and Marine Dr and Acadia Rd. The home zone boundaries are viewable below, on the online map, and through the Veemo app. For the duration of the UBC pilot, the vehicle must remain inside the home zone during your trip. If you feel we need to expand our home zone to a certain area, let us know!

Upon request from UBC, we have also implemented a restricted area, and a slow-zone area. 

Red Zone: Veemo members are not allowed to ride through the red “restricted” area. This includes Main Mall and a section of University Blvd.
Yellow Zone: Speed is reduced to 10km/h in this heavy foot traffic area.

Veemo Rain Parking Lot



Note: These hours of operation may be extended in the future.

Everyday: 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM 

Check the Veemo app for weather warnings.



Your ride experience and feedback are important to us. Contact us for help or feedback at help@rideveemo.com or call 778-806-8736