How do I ride a Veemo velomobile?

  • Pedal, steer, brake, signal. Nothing too crazy here.
  • Other features of Veemo velomobiles:
    • Automatic cadence control. (That means how fast you pedal) Veemo’s electric assist will do all the shifting for you.
    • The steering radius is pretty sharp, so make your turns gently until you get a feel for the vehicle, and be careful on sloped surfaces.
    • Your main speed control is by pedaling. Forward to accelerate, back to brake, or from standstill go in reverse.
    • Turn signals are controlled by the red buttons located by your thumbs when holding the handlebars. Press the button on the side you want to turn once to turn the indicator on, press it again to turn it off. Press both together to activate hazard lights.
    • Headlights, brake lights, and driving lights are all automatic. You don’t have to worry about them.

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